"I love my VersaLifts for a variety of metcons. The slight heel raise helps me keep my full foot on the ground during pistols and other squats, but is still comfortable for movements such as double unders, box jumps, and burpees." — Spencer Panchik 







"There is nothing more important to me in fitness than the integrity of my movements. VersaLifts inserts have given me an extra edge when I’m fatigued to keep my torso upright and my heels driving into the ground, helping me get quick, clean reps. The inserts don’t wiggle around in my shoes when I do burpees, box jumps, or double unders, and have made a tremendous difference in the quality of my pistols and overall speed and stability in squatting movements in my workouts. Such a great product, all around. I highly recommend them for athletes of all levels."

— Paige Field, competitive CrossFitter and boxer, California

"I love training in my Reebok Nanos, so having the VersaLifts inserts help me out whenever I need that slight heel raise. They are super comfortable and I don’t even realize I have them in till after I’m done training and take them out. These definitely give me a great advantage in the bottom position while training or competing. I’m thankful to have my VersaLifts and never enter a gym without them. Thanks VersaLifts! Cheers."

— Daniel Iricheta, USMC Veteran, CrossFit Games Team Competitor, California




"I like VersaLifts because my ankle mobility is very poor. Particularly my right ankle. I’ve tried working on it for years, but my right side is so much more stiff than my left. My right leg is also shorter than my left and I have struggled with imbalances because of the two. To help the issue, I use one VersaLift in my right shoe to allow for more range in my ankle, but also to help align my hips. Since I’ve been using VersaLifts, my knee pain has disappeared and my performance has improved."   — Candice Savage-Wagner




"VersaLifts give me a slight heel rise that’s comfortable during metcons, and I don’t have to wear a silly looking wooden shoe."

— Hank Lopez, elite athlete, CrossFit Games competitor, Southern California

"In my current position I work with a wide range of athletes, from Olympians to weekend-warriors, and dorsiflexion is without a doubt the most frequent mobility issue I encounter. VersaLifts make a great tool to help improve movement patterns as the athlete works on improving mobility. As this improves, they can easily decrease the assistance provided by the VersaLifts making it a great tool for my athletes recovering from injuries and needing some temporary assistance."

— Dr. Zach Long, DPT, TheBarbellPhysio.com, North Carolina

"I am an adaptive athlete, born with Cerebral Palsy that affects my right side. I have been doing Crossfit for over 2 years and due to limited mobility from CP, I have never been able to squat to full depth while keeping right heel down… Until VersaLifts!! It’s been amazing to see and feel my right side actually work more. Thankful for VersaLifts, such a game changer for me."

— Noelle Henderson, adaptive athlete, South Carolina

"As a coach, it’s always my desire to help my athletes move properly. VersaLifts are a great tool for addressing mobility issues, as well as helping newer athletes learn to squat to depth. The slight heel lift encourages a more upright torso, meaning a better position with the barbell and a greater chance of sending it in the right direction. I want to see my athletes have success as we work on their mobility, and this product helps that." — Mitchell Nims












 "I have used VersaLifts for awhile now and I love them! Proper positioning for the safety of my athletes and myself is top priority. I regularly encourage my athletes to use VersaLifts because they provide that heel lift to assist with proper mechanics for squatting, reaching full depth, and improving mobility issues."

— Alex Fernandez, CF Level 1 Trainer, B.S in Physical Performance

"As a former personal trainer and current medical student, I am passionate about the musculoskeletal system. I am always working on my mobility, trying to put myself into proper positions. VersaLifts allow me to lift and WOD safely. When lifts get technical and complicated, I can be confident that VersaLifts will give me the extra assistance I need to push and challenge myself."

— Devin Leland, current Medical Student, B.S. in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, CrossFit athlete, Nebraska