Pistol Squats - Can you do them?

The rise of functional fitness has been accompanied with the demand for such technical movements as the single-legged or "pistol squat." In addition to adequate strength and balance, this squat movement requires significant hip, knee, and ankle mobility. 

One of the greatest impediments to reaching a perfect pistol is poor ankle mobility. "Stiff ankles are a big problem during the pistol. Your ankle needs to flex enough to let your knee come forward over your toes. This properly distributes your weight over your foot, which is your only base of support." (MensHealth). 

Along with working to improve ankle mobility, adding VersaLifts to your training shoe can help you on your way to improving your pistols by,
  • decreasing the amount of upfront ankle mobility required
  • improving range of motion at the knee
  • increasing recruitment of quadriceps fibers
  • providing better stability and control (with increased contact by the heel of the foot) 
In addition, our heel lift inserts are adjustable! This means you can systematically decrease the height of the lift as your ankle mobility improves.