Frequently Asked Questions

 What size is right for me?

Small - Shoe Size: M/W 6-8 US

Medium - Shoe Size: M/W 8.5-13 US

Large - Shoe Size: M 13.5+ US 

How much heel lift does this insert provide? 

Original VersaLifts: 9 mm of lift. 

VersaLifts V2s:  1/2" (12.7mm) of lift.

V2 Strength™:  1/2" (12.7mm) of lift.

V2 Endurance™:  1/2" (12.7mm) of lift.

What is the difference between the V2™, the V2 Strength™ and the V2 Endurance™?

The V2™ (Dark Green) is our most versatile heel lift, designed to provide the optimal amount of heel lift to improve squat positioning and range of motion without inhibiting plyometric or running movements. They are perfect for workouts that combine squats, olympic lifts, and plyometrics.

The V2 Strength™ is our most rigid insert designed to bear the heaviest of loads specifically for strength training. These inserts are ideal for powerlifting and olympic weightlifting.

The V2 Endurance™ is our most compressible insert designed for workouts involving higher volumes of agility, plyometric, and running movements. These inserts absorb shock from impact limiting the amount of stress on joints, bones, tendons, etc.

Should I place the insert above or below the sole of my shoe?

Either. Depending on the shoe, it works well either way - do what feels comfortable to you. 

Can I keep these in for an entire workout? 

Yes! VersaLifts are light and comfortable enough that they won’t interfere with any other movements.

My heels come off the ground when I squat, how can I fix this? 

Along with working on mobility, adding a heel lift can help improve squat form and range of motion over time. 

Are VersaLifts Originals adjustable? 

Our original VersaLifts are comprised of 3 layers of neoprene rubber, each layer is designed to be able to be removed if working on increasing mobility. 

Are VersaLifts V2s adjustable? 

VersaLifts V2s are a performance insert designed to add additional heel to toe drop to your training shoes. Each pair of lifts are made from solid injection-molded polymer making them making more durable than our original VersaLifts.

Are VersaLifts sold in pairs?


Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, see checkout for pricing information. Please note, many international shipments will require the payment of customs fees. It is the customer's responsibility to be informed on any customs or import fees they may incur as a result of shipping products from the United States.

How long does a pair of lifts last?

Our original VersaLifts usually last as long as your training shoes. The new V2 inserts will last indefinitely.

What is the difference between Originals and V2s? 

Our original VersaLifts heel lift inserts are adjustable inserts comprised of 3 layers of neoprene rubber offering 9mm of lift.

Our VersaLifts V2s are durable performance based, non-adjustable lifts made from a flexible, yet sturdy injection molded polymer offering 1/2" of lift. 

Will VersaLifts or V2s work in MY training shoe?  

Yes! VersaLifts have been tested with any number of training shoes without issues concerning fit. Some shoes are better suited with VersaLifts situated above or below the insole, depending on preference! 


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