Where can I purchase VersaLifts internationally?
VersaLifts are available at Rogue Fitness!
Are VersaLifts sold in pairs?
How much lift does this lift provide?
Around 1/2 inch (3/8 inch) of heel raise.
Should I place the insert above or below the sole of my shoe?
Either. Depending on the shoe, it works well either way - do what feels comfortable to you.
Can I keep these in for an entire workout?
Yes! VersaLifts are light enough that they won’t interfere with any other movements!
My heels come off the ground when I squat, how can I fix this?
Along with working on mobility, adding a heel lift can help improve squat form and mobility over time.
Do you ship internationally? 
Yes, we ship to most countries worldwide through Rogue Fitness. 
How long does a pair of lifts last?
VersaLifts usually last as long as your training shoes! 

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