Our Story


We're an average family from northeast Iowa. I'm a full-time business owner. My wife, Michelle, is a stay-at-home mom of nine (yes, nine) kiddos. We both love fitness and treasure the community we're a part of at our local gym. In my spare time, I serve as a CrossFit L1 trainer.

In 2015 we ventured out on a journey unlike any we'd travelled before. Adoption. Michelle's motherly instinct drew us to two precious orphans in the heart of Africa. My provider/protector nature began counting the extreme financial costs associated with international adoption. A prayer for guidance and provision lead me to a small factory located in the heart of Iowa with an idea to solve a problem: my pistol squats were junk.

Soon after, the idea for VersaLifts was born. We spent the first six months testing the market, refining the product, establishing a brand, and questioning whether or not we were in way over our heads.


Our first month in business we sold about 15 pairs. The second, 30. The third, 60. In 2019 we launched our second model of inserts, the V2, and to-date we've sold thousands of pairs to customers in every state in the U.S. and 30+ countries worldwide. Apparently a lot of you stink at pistol squats, too.

Our family has also grown. There are now eleven in this crazy bunch, and we feel both blessed and humbled by this more important venture. In fact, in 2021 we were blessed to be able to complete another adoption and bring our son home.

Only God knows what the future holds for these two modest endeavors, but we're having fun and are grateful to be able to make our small contribution to helping you meet your fitness goals, while spreading a little love to the most vulnerable among us.

With much love,

Shane and Michelle Rothlisberger