What are The V2s?

A little heel lift goes a long way. 

VersaLifts® V2s are heel lift inserts made to be worn in training shoes to optimize squat movement patterns, and are widely used in the fields of Strength and Conditioning, Sports Medicine, and Functional Fitness
We offer two different models of heel lift inserts. Our original VersaLifts® inserts consist of three layers of 1/8" neoprene rubber topped off with a layer of durable, breathable leather. Individual layers can be easily removed to achieve a customized lift height, ranging from 1/8" to over 3/8".
Our V2 heel lift offers a 1/2" of additional heel height and is made with the optimal durometer of polymer able to withstand heavy loads while staying lightweight and comfortable. These inserts also include No-Slip Cleat Technology securing the V2s in place within your favorite pair of training shoes.
To add versatility to your favorite training shoes, simply insert the V2s above or beneath the insole.



What is the difference between the V2™, the V2 Strength™ and the V2 Endurance™?


The V2s are available HERE