VersaLifts V2 Strength™ heel lift inserts (pair)

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Squat well, friends.

The new VersaLifts V2™ Strength is our most rigid insert designed to bear the heaviest of loads for strength training. Simply insert VersaLifts to gain an additional 1/2” heel to toe drop.

(Sold in pairs)

  • Made with the optimal durometer of polymer able to withstand the heaviest loads while strength training. 
  • 1/2" heel raise. 
  • No-Slip Cleat Technology securing VersaLifts in place. 

VersaLifts™ are ideal for:

  • Back Squats
  • Front Squats
  • Overhead Squats
  • Olympic Weightlifting


  • Small (Men's/Women's 6-8.0 US)
  • Medium (Men's/Women's 8.5-13 US)
  • Large (Men's 13.5+ US)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great help

I've already been using lifting shoes for 6 months, but the additional lift from these made all the difference for squat depth.

Great Product

These are awesome. Really help me reach my squat depth. Theyre also very sturdy

Nick Hines
Super Helpful

My squat form was horrible before using these. My heels were always up and my depth was never deep enough. When I started using these it became easier to keep my heels planted. My depth was at about a 45 degree angle before, and now I can get to 90 degrees and under. My squat has increase about 20 pounds more than expected in a month. Overall, very useful product.

Rebekah T
Just what I needed…

I’ve been working on overhead squatting and these have been just enough lift to help me get full depth without spending $150+ on lifters.


Game. Changer.

As a tall guy (6'4) with limited ankle mobility, squatting has always been a challenge. I always ended up really bent over squatting, resulting in a posterior chain-dominant squat and llts of "squat-morning" when it got heavy. After 4 squat sessions with these, I can say these have finally helped my squat form "click." Been able to stay more upright and get more quad involvement in my squat.

I wish I had pulled the trigger on these when I first came across them over a year ago.