VersaLifts V-Stack (pair)

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Meet your squat's new best friend.

The VersaLifts V-Stack is a true innovation in the slant board market.

(Sold in pairs)

  • This original design allows multiple boards to be stacked to increase slant angle from 15° to 30°. The V-Stack can also stack in the opposite direction to serve as a flat 6" step-up platform or deficit push-up / handstand push-up platform when paired with a second set of V-Stacks.
  • Made with strong 3/4" plywood and high-quality grip-tape surface, the V-Stack is made to bear heavy loads and not get beat up in the process.
  • Durable non-slip grip tape keeps your feet securely in place on the board.
  • Dimensions: 15.5" x 15.25" x 5.25"
  • Each purchase includes two boards
Warning: When stacking the slant boards, ensure that the side tabs and protruding border are securely set in place on the underlying board. Failure to do so may cause the V-Stack to dislodge, resulting in personal injury. The V-Stack should only be used on a rubberized, carpeted, or non-slip textured flooring surface. The V-Stack should be used under the supervision or recommendation of a trained coach or medical professional. The V-Stack should not be used for loads exceeding 750 pounds. Users must exercise extreme caution while stepping onto the V-Stack with a loaded barbell, always using appropriate spotter equipment. VersaLifts LLC is not liable for misuse of the V-Stack.

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